Through our METV project Sid Roth’s It’s Supernatural and Messianic Vision Canada are helping to sponsor the building of shelters for the most vulnerable of Israel!

Give the gift of “Double Life!” The numerical sum of the letters for the Hebrew word Chai (life) is 18. We invite you to make a gift in multiples of 18 to build shelters in Israel and give the gift of double life. These shelters literally save Jewish lives. But our Middle East Television network points them to the One Who saves lives for eternity! (featured on a sign on the outside wall of the shelters “Donated with love for the safety of the people of Israel!”)

  • Never before have Israelis faced the number of rockets that Hamas and Hezbollah are firing from both the north and south simultaneously. 700 more shelters are needed
  • In northern Israel there are older apartment buildings that have no shelters
  • Shopping areas and school playgrounds do not have nearby shelters.
  • In some cases, Israelis have a little as 15 seconds to find shelter from the sound of the alert to the time of impact.

Please give your “Double Chai” gift to partner together as Mishpochah (family)!