Give To Project 77

Help Us Send My Evangelistic Book to Two Million Jewish People in Canada and The United States!

-Sid Roth

Thank you for supporting Sid Roth in sharing the Good News with the Jewish people in Canada. In appreciation of your gift of $77, we will send you a copy of They Thought for Themselves and 7 copies to Jewish homes. You will also receive a beautifully crafted ornate key chain replica of the High Priest’s Breastplate.

Want to do MORE? For your gift of $154 we will send you a copy of the book and 14 to Jewish households. Would you like to impact an entire Jewish neighborhood? For your generous gift of $777 we will send a copy to you and 77 books to Jewish homes. Has God laid it on your heart to give MORE? For your sacrificial gift of $7,777 we will send you a copy and 777 books to Jewish homes. You may also give a different amount for this project, if you like (minimum gift is $77).

With your donation, you receive:

Sid Roth Canada's "they Though For Themselves" and the Priestly breastplate.
  • A copy of They Thought for Themselves
  • A beautiful key chain replica of the High Priest’s Breastplate
  • The names of 7 Jewish people who will receive a copy of the book so you can pray for their salvation. (If you are donating more than $77 (i.e., $777), we will still send you only 7 names to pray for. The remaining names will be sent to a group of intercessors for them to hold up in prayer.)

For more information on how to donate, please call us at;

(877) 370.4446