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Sid is RETURNING to Canada! 

The world is watching Israel! The symbolic celebration of Israel’s 70Th birthday produced a visible shift in the hearts of unsaved Jews worldwide!  GOD has awaken HIS heirs to inherit HIS Promise!

It is time for Sid to return to Canada! The end time harvest is ready NOW to receive Yeshua! 

We have begun preparations for Sid’s return in November 2018! During Sid’s last visit, 250 Jews were saved and we’re expecting to DOUBLE that number!  We have enlarged the venue and we need your help NOW! 

First,  we need you to PRAY! Prayers for Salvation is key!

Second,  your sacrificial gift is vital!
The venue, transportation and worship band requires a $15,000 deposit immediately!
Will you join with us for DOUBLE EXPECTANCY by giving your DOUBLE donation today?

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