1-Minute Videos From Sid Roth

God did it again—we entered uncharted territory for Jewish evangelism!

Here’s how it happened: I saw Franklin Graham briefly advertise the Gospel on secular television and realized there were no bold evangelistic ads on secular TV directed to the Jew.

So, we recorded three hard-hitting Jewish evangelistic ads. Then we approached Newsmax and Fox News—and they accepted! It’s a miracle given the current world! There were over 3,800 unique visits to our web page with a link to download my free testimony book. 

We just heard from someone who saw the ads, downloaded the free book, and forwarded it to a Jewish woman he knew. She read the book and wanted me to call her. I have already talked to her once and we plan to talk again!

Now is the set time to favor Zion (Psalm 102:3). I am willing to take the heat by being your trailblazing Jewish evangelist, but I need even more prayers and your financial partnership for these ads and our other Jewish outreaches! 

I am going for another week with our TV ads—but not just with Fox News and Newsmax!

In addition to them, we have also added Fox Business as well as MSNBC and CNBC! We want to keep airing these ads as long as we continue to reap unprecedented fruit. The cost is exorbitant, but the rewards are priceless! 

We have also started to do extensive advertising on social media as well—in the USA and in Israel!

Always remember, the greatest blessing you can give an unsaved Jewish person is salvation! And God promises to “bless those who bless the Jewish people” (Genesis 12:3).

I urge you to partner with our ministry with a special offering for secular TV ads and our other Jewish outreaches!

Yours for the salvation of Israel,
Sid Israel Roth