Sid Roth portrait

Sid Roth, a former account executive for Merrill Lynch, was raised in a traditional Jewish home. Yet religious tradition provided no answers when he hit rock bottom in 1972. With his life spiraling out of control and his marriage in trouble, Sid was set free from demonic oppression through a supernatural encounter with Jesus. Immediately, he began to boldly proclaim Jesus as the Jewish Messiah.

In 1977, Sid started a ministry called “Messianic Vision” and a nationally syndicated radio broadcast by the same name. But Messianic Vision is more than a ministry or a program; it is a desire to reach out with the good news of the Messiah, “to the Jew first” (Romans 1:16). This is not just God’s historical order for spreading the gospel, but also His eternal spiritual order. When we follow this “law of evangelism,” God opens a supernatural door to reach Gentiles as well. God’s heart is to reach all people. His strategy is “to the Jew first.”

“There was something wrong with mother’s neck, nerve damage. She was not able to lift her hand for many years. Doctors said there was no hope. One day she said ”I was watching Sid Roth’s It’s Supernatural!” and she felt God told her what Sid was going to say was for her. Sid described someone with her exact problem. He said God was healing her right then and to lift up her arm. Immediately she was healed.”
Janina, Finland
“A doctor from Moscow received a healing of her heart pain. She was truly amazed and turned her life over to Yeshua.”
Healing received at Jewish evangelism outreach event in Toronto, Canada
“I came to the meeting with a swollen foot and in pain. As I walked into the room where Sid Roth was speaking, the pain left and the swelling was gone” He accepted Yeshua and is rejoicing.”
Testimony from Jewish evangelism outreach event in Toronto, Canada
“I was healed in my forearm. It has been hurting for over a year. I felt like it was healed during the program, so I picked up 30 lb. dumbbells and started doing arm curls and there was no pain!! Praise the Lord!!”
“We love It’s Supernatural.  Zimbabwe will never be the same.  We are putting to practice what we see on your program!”
Sid Roth and his wife Joy