“I bless those who bless you.” Genesis 12:3

Sid is Returning to Toronto!

Sid is returning to bring a message of HOPE and RESTORATION and PEACE, during this season of sorrow and uncertainty in the hearts of the Jewish people.

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Where did 2023 Go? 

God did not miss a beat with this ministry!  Watch our brief 6-minute year end review video to learn about all the amazing things you helped make possible in 2023.

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Amazing Success!

Our team and donors went to our US HQ and studio in Charlotte, NC. The trip allowed us to witness operations firsthand and fueled our passion.

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God is Moving MIGHTILY!

Watch Sid’s BOLD Gospel message directed to the Jews airing on secular TV networks.

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Prayer Requests…

We want to agree for your needs met, breakthroughs experience and blessings received.  Whatever the nature of your prayer request,  we invite you to let us pray for you and petition God on your behalf.

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