Planned Giving
With proper planning it is possible to save on taxes, provide for loved ones and reach souls by including Messianic Vision Canada Inc. in your giving.

Securities including Stocks, Bonds, and Mutual funds:
A benefit is elimination of Capital Gains taxes. When you donate publicly traded securities (stocks, mutual funds, bonds, etc.) directly to Messianic Vision Canada Inc, you eliminate the capital gains tax when they are sold. We get the full value of the securities, and you receive a larger tax credit.   By donating to Messianic Vision Canada Inc. federal and provincial donation tax credits add up, you may receive as much as 49% of the amount you donated returned at tax time. Visit to donate Securities or Mutual Funds safely now.

Carry previous donations forward for a larger tax credit:
You do not have to claim all the donations you made in the year they were made. When you donate over $200, you are automatically eligible to carry them forward and claim them on your tax return for any of the next five years. This flexibility means that the unclaimed carry-forward portion may qualify for a larger tax deduction, in the future.

Transfer donation credits to your spouse:
The donation tax credit is a non-refundable tax credit which means other tax credits must get claimed first to bring your tax payable to zero. If you can not claim your donation amount on your tax return, pool your donation with your spouse for a larger tax credit on their tax return.

Do you have a Life Insurance policy that is no longer needed?
You can name Messianic Vision Canada Inc. as the beneficiary.

Do you have RSPs or RIFs?
You can name Messianic Vision Canada Inc. as the beneficiary.

Do you want to leave a lasting God-honoring legacy?
Donating in your Will and Testament can offset taxes and legal costs when settling your estate and ensures your family receives most of the financial blessing that you intended to leave them. You can protect your loved one’s inheritance from taxes, lawyers, probate court and maximize the legacy you leave them while supporting this ministry.

Please consult with your financial advisor if you have any questions.

Provide the following details when giving directions to your advisor:
  • Ministry Legal Name: Messianic Vision Canada Inc
  • Ministry Address: PO Box 345, Barrie ON L4M 4T5
  • Ministry CRA Registered Charity Number: 861338135 RR0001