Prayer Needs and Praise Reports

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Sid Roth praying in Canada for the Messianic Vision Canada

Praise the Lord

Praise God! He is faithful. His mercies endure forever. We have seen so many answers to prayer this year. We receive thousands of prayer requests, sometimes hundreds in a single day. Our Canadian staff personally prays for each request that comes in. Sid personally prays for many of them himself. And we often get replies letting us know of miraculous answers to prayer. We are thankful to have the backing of our powerful intercession team. We praise God for you. Your prayers make the difference!

Immediate Prayer Focus

We are grateful for those who pray for and with us for what God is allowing Messianic Vision Canada to accomplish for the Kingdom of God.  Please join us in prayer for the following immediate prayer needs:

Sid asks for prayer for the following needs as we’ve entered 2017:

  • Pray for Jewish evangelism. This is the year of a major move of God’s Spirit on the Jewish people. Pray for Sid and others to increase and move in signs and wonders to go to the Jew first with the good news of Messiah Jesus.
  • Pray for Middle East Television (METV). Pray for a lineup of programs that will cause METV to be the most popular network in Israel as well as the entire Middle East. Pray for extravagant funding to purchase and produce these programs.
  • Pray for expansion of our ISN television network. We want to saturate the world’s media with the supernatural power of God. We need cutting-edge editors and creative staff to develop this platform for the next move of God’s Spirit. We want to capture end-time Bible events and the Second Coming! Please keep Sid and Joyce and all of our staff and families in prayer for God’s ministering spirits to cover us continually with peace, health, and safety.

Continue in Prayer

  • Pray that our books from It’s Supernatural! press become bestsellers.
  • Continue to pray for increased finances to come into the ministry to fund the many outreach opportunities we have.
  • Continue to pray for Messianic Vision to have our own offices in Israel. Keep praying for God’s favor on Sid and Messianic Vision with officials, Knesset members, and secular leaders in Israel.
  • Pray for more secular television venues to pick up our network.
  • Pray for the funds to mail over 2 million Jewish evangelistic books to over 2 million Jewish families in North America. Pray that many Jewish people will be saved through this outreach.
  • Pray for the funds to print and mail our French translation evangelistic books “Ils ont pensé par d’eux-mêmes” to French speaking Jewish people in Montreal and Paris.
  • Pray we receive God’s guidance in selecting and securing new programming to be added to ISN and METV.
  • Pray for the finances for Messianic Vision Canada to acquire more offices needed for this growing ministry.
  • Pray for blessing and provision for METV.

Become A Ministry Intercessor

Prayer is an essential key to supernaturally reaping a harvest for God’s Kingdom. Would you like to become an intercessor for Sid Roth & Messianic Vision Canada and commit to lifting us up in prayer regularly?  Call to sign up at 705-300-8077 or email by clicking here