Monthly Giving

To enroll in our Mishpochah (Family) monthly mentoring program, please call 1.877.370.4446. Our Partner Services Representatives will be happy to assist you.

Monthly Giving Options

To process in Canadian dollars, please select one of the following choices:

  1. Postdated Cheque Monthly Gift —Prepare a series of postdated cheques made payable to: Messianic Vision Canada, and mail to the address below.
  2. Automatic Bank Withdrawal Monthly Gift —To arrange     monthly automatic withdrawals from your bank account, please click here for the printable form. Complete and return with a void cheque to the address below.
  3. Credit Card Monthly Gift — Click here to donate today using your Visa, Visa debit, MasterCard, American Express or Paypal. Future donations will be automatically processed on or about the same day each month.

Please mail all postdated cheques or completed automatic bank withdrawal forms to: Messianic Vision Canada, PO Box 345, Barrie Ontario, L4M 4T5