The new video wall in our TV studio is better than we imagined! We are the first in the United States to purchase this new technology. It allows us to have a different set for my television show as well as the dozens of television productions we air and produce on our two networks—without having to store physical sets!

When our new video wall was first installed, our staff displayed a panoramic view of the city of Jerusalem. It was so beautiful and looked so real, I didn’t want to leave the studio. I was mesmerized! I felt like I was there!

When we were looking at purchasing this video wall, the company representative showed us a video of our old set on a sample section of the wall. It looked better than the physical set! It had an amazing three-dimensional appearance and much better colors.

We now have one of the most cutting-edge TV production facilities in the world! No one else in the nation has a broadcast studio using this technology—Christian or secular. The video wall is over 11 feet tall and 92 feet wide (expandable to over 102 feet wide). It provides us with a wide range of production possibilities that will allow us to be cutting-edge even into the Millennium!