Give to Project 77

Help Us Send My Evangelistic Books to Jewish People in Canada!

Thank you for helping us to reach the Jewish people of Canada with the Good News—including Jewish Millennials. In appreciation of your gift of $77, we will send you a copy of both of my evangelistic books and 7 copies to Jewish people.

With your donation, you receive:

  • They Thought for Themselves book
  • There Must Be Something More! book
  • A beautiful key chain replica of the High Priest’s Breastplate
  • The names of 7 Jewish people who will receive a copy of the book so you can pray for their salvation. (Only 7 names will be sent to you, even if your donation exceeds $77. The remaining names will be prayed for by a group of intercessors.)

Want to do more? Reach an entire Jewish neighborhood. 
Your gift of…
$154 = 14 books to Jewish people
$777 = 77 books to Jewish people
$7,777 = 777 books to Jewish people

Use of Funds: As individual projects become fully funded, donations are applied to other areas of need.